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Walking and cycling

Walking in Ronse

Here are some nice suggestions to have a lovely day...

iWalk: discover Ronse with a virtual guide...

Download for free a 4km guided walk. You can listen to the audio tour one your I-pod. The walk takes about one hour and gives you historical facts.

Walking in the city centre

Interested in factfiles about Ronse? This walk will certainly please you... Art Deco, short history of textile ...

Signposted walks in nature

Only a few kilometers from the centre, there are several forests in which you can find a real pleasure to walk for hours. A variety of 

Walking with a cityguide

a walk takes 2 hours.
Info : max. 25 people, price: € 30/hour. You have a choice from different themes : citywalk, art deco walk, textilewalk , station, Myths and sagas in the 'Muziekbos', panoramic walk, protected pubs in Ronse, all-in walk.

Extra information is always available in the tourist office.


Cycling in Ronse

signposted routes

At the tourist office there are a lot of cycling routes, become a 'Flandrien'. Ther is a network of cycle paths marked with numbered junction signs.

Guided cycling tour: a round of textiles

Info: ca. 3 hours - Guide: € 90,00 (max. 15 people)

Extra information is always available in the tourist office.


Live and see Ronse 

Citygame: queen of the Flemish Ardennes

An original city exploration with a lot of adventure, recreation, culture and gastronomy.

Spy on the move

2 dangerous spies escaped and are a threat to the city. Try to catch them together with your colleagues, friends of family.

Vespa tour

The 'Tour of Flandres' speaks to your imagination! The magnificent landscape is an ideal environment for a vesta trip. 

Departure from Ronse!
Info en reservation: vespatrips: +32(0)477/41 26 74



Guided  taste-walk

During the walk you have the opportunity to taste all kinds of typical products. You can taste some cheese with mustard, 'Ronsisch' beer, a local pastry, and of course... a visit at the local chocaltier.
info : ca. 3 hours
Departure : 13u30 - End : 16u30
Price drinks and beverages : € 9,00 p.p.
Guide : € 90,00 (3h) - (max. 15 people)


Walking in Oudenaarde

If you would like to discover the historical city centre of Oudenaarde or the characteristic views of the Flemish Ardennes, there is a variety of walking routes obtainable at the touris office.

Oudenaarde is even more beautiful at night when it is illuminated!

A guide will take you on a tour along the various monuments and small hidden corners of the city. Admire the church of Pamele beautifully lit up when strolling along the river Scheldt.

Start : Tourist office, glass house
Duration : 2 hours
Price : 50 EUR for the guide

Guided tour upon request at the Tourist Office

Tourist office
Town Hall
9700 Oudenaarde
Tel.: +32 (0)55/31.72.51
Fax: +32 (0)55/30.92.48